The Anti Police-Terror Project is a group of concerned and committed institutions, organizations, and individuals dedicated to ending state-sanctioned murder and violence perpetuated against Black, Brown and Poor people. We are a Black led, multi-racial, multi-generational coalition. Join us as we organize to resist police terror and create a strong and sustainable community support system. APTP is not a non-profit organization.

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Vigil for OPD Taser Victim

Please join us in a vigil for the as yet unnamed Black man who was killed by OPD on September 28 as a result of being tased. We offer our deep sympathy to his family and loved ones. 

Please bring candles and flowers.

We are still trying to reach out to both his family and to witnesses of the events leading to his death. Please contact APTP either by direct message to our Facebook page or by email to aptpinfo at gmail.com